Every Child Counts

Numbers Count can transform mathematics for the lowest achieving learners AND raises standards for all the learners.

Numbers Count is an intensive intervention for learners in Primary who have the greatest difficulties with mathematics.  At Whitnash this is an intervention led by a specially trained Teaching Assistant.

Numbers Count


  • Supports the new National Curriculum for Mathematics.

  • Raises mathematical attainment for the lowest achievers.
  • Creates an ‘in-house specialist’ mathematics teaching assistant who helps to raise standards for all learners.

  • Provides detailed evidence of progress and impact.

Many children at Whitnash Primary have, and continue, to benefit from the Numbers Count intervention.

“Where programmes such as Every Child Counts and Numbers Count were used effectively, pupils overcame their misconceptions and the school used information about its pupils’ misconceptions to adapt teaching for subsequent cohorts.”

Mathematics Made to Measure, Ofsted 2012