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Working at Home

15.06.20 & 22.06.20

Home Learning 

Supporting Sheets

The Impossibly Possible Bookshop

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01.06.20 & 08.06.20

Home Learning 

Supporting Sheets

Mission Possible

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Summer 1 Romans Menu A.PNG

Summer 1

Romans Menu A

11.05.20 & 18.05.20

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Home Learning 

Supporting Sheets

Time Capsule

Amazing Aliens

27.04.20 & 04.05.20

Home Learning 

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The king of the fishes.PNG
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Supporting Sheets

The King of the Fishes

Summer 1 Romans Menu A.PNG

Summer 1

Romans Menu A

Summer Term Home Learning

Home Learning 20.04.20

Summer 1

Romans Menu A

Plural & Possessive

Fronted Adverbials

Nouns & Pronouns

Romulus & Remus

How did the Romans change life

Roman Mosaics

Roman Shields

Shield Template

Science Sound 1

Science Sound 2

Science Sound 3

Science Sound 4

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Summer 1 Romans Menu A.PNG
Plurals and possessive.PNG
Fronted Adverbials.PNG
Nouns and Pronouns.PNG
Roman Mosaics.PNG
How did the Romans change life in Britai
Roman Shields.PNG
Shield template.PNG
Romulus and Remus ebook.PNG
Science Sound 1.PNG
Science Sound 2.PNG
Science sound 4.PNG
Science Sound 3.PNG

Easter Home Learning

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Y4 Home learning 30.03.20.PNG

Home Learning 30.03.20

Y4 home learning 23.03.20.PNG

Home Learning 23.03.20

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Homework Menu

Spring Term Home Learning